Okinawa City is a place where Okinawan culture and American Culture are "champurued" (mixed). Filled with restaurants of foreign taste, you can hear the sounds of Eisa dancing and Okinawan folk songs in the streets of “Koza" and experience the "Deep Okinawa." Our hotel is located in the heart of Okinawa City which provides easy access to Naha city and Churaumi Aquarium that is located in the northern part of Okinawa making it the best location as the base of your tour.

Smart to using hotel free shuttle bus between Naha airport & Grand Mer Hotel Pick up and Drop off a rental car at Hotel during your stay, saving your rental car fee!!  Contact us : info-gm@kpg.gr.jp

Shuttle bus schedule
Naha airport to Grand Mer Hotel
09:45 / 13:30 / 16:30 / 22:15
Grand Mer Hotel to Naha airport
06:00 / 08:30 / 12:00

※Must reserve in advance for the shuttle bus service.

Hotel's appeal

There are 3 very popular restaurants with different concepts which are Okinawan dishes being a must,
authentic Japanese cuisines and American Food such as pizzas and hamburgers.
The rooms are very spacious and has an ocean view of the east coast which will take your resort stay to a whole another level.

01 / Rooms

An ample space with an ocean view of the East Coast.

Enjoy the Okinawan Slow Life to the fullest with our spacious guest rooms that are over 40㎡, each with an ocean view terrace.


02 / Restaurant

I was able to choose different restaurants depending on my mood during my stay.

Enjoy with family or to celebrate an anniversary. Spend a lovely time with friends. Enjoy in any occasion.

03 / Activity

Enjoy the sky in Okinawa's sea to yourself

With marine sports, gourmet, superb scenery, and island tours! There are plenty of activities! Super・Super・Super・Satisfied!!


04 / Hospitality

Staff overflowing with hospitality.

With the at-home feeling of the hospitality unique to Okinawa, we will add color to your special Okinawa trip.



Pick up popular sights around the hotel


The OKINAWA GRAND MER RESORT not only prepared items to make your stay extra pleasant and many times more enjoyable.
  • AirPurifier
  • Fan
  • Hanger with Clothespins
    Hanger with Clothespins
  • Wine Opener
    Wine Opener
  • Desk Lamp
    Desk Lamp
  • Extension Code
    Extension Code
  • Nail Clippers
    Nail Clippers
  • foam Sponge Pillow
    foam Sponge Pillow
  • Kashwere blanket
  • Swim Suit
    Swim Suit
  • Water Flotation Tube
    Water Flotation Tube
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Wi-Fi Access
Wi-Fi Access
All rooms have Wi-Fi access. It is convenient for business and touring.

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