Make your stay a splendid one!
A wide variety of tickets are available.

Recommended for those who would like to make their stay in Okinawa
a more splendid one! We offer great deals on tickets to
the tour spots on trend and warmly welcome you with our staff
with hotel gift vouchers and spa tickets.
* Purchase is available at the Concierge Desk on the 1st Floor.


  • Hotel Gift Vouchers

    Hotel Gift Vouchers

    Hotel Gift Vouchers

    As a gift to celebrate the family or to your significant other, please try our hotel's hotel gift vouchers.

    Fees 2People 1Room(Breakfast Included) ¥16,000
    4People 1Room(Breakfast Included) ¥22,000
    Valid Until 1year from the issue date

Purchase the tickets at the concierge desk on the 1st Floor.

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