Lunch time is very lively with customers lining up to savor our delicious meals.
For dinner, enjoy the taste of our first-class chef’s dishes
while enjoying the view of the moon reflecting on the surface of the east coast.


NEW All-You-Can-Eat Dinner Buffet

Currently accepting dinner reservations Currently accepting dinner reservations!

Please contact us here
for telephone reservations.

Food and Beverage Reservations
Price Adults:2,500yen
Ages 6-11:1,000yen
5 and under:Free of charge
All-You-Can-Drink Alcoholic Beverages:1,500yen
Operational Hours 18:00~22:00(Final Admission 21:00)


★Weekdays (Monday to Friday) Menu★

Main Dishes 4 Kinds of Crab (Red Snow Crab/Triangle Tanner Crab/Snow Crab/Deepwater Red Crab) Today's Beef Steak Freshly Cut Prosciutto
Cold Dishes ・Octopus and Root Vegetable Ceviche Salad
・Hanging Tender Beef and Vegetables with Olives and Balsamic Sauce
・Okinawan-style Tofu and Colorful Tomato Caprese
・Seared Marinated Samon with Okinawan Spinach and Fresh Tomato Salsa
・Assorted Charcutier with Cheese and Pickles
Okinawan Pig Ears Dish with Onion Ponzu Sauce
・Tuna Carpaccio, Potherb Salad and Manganji Chili Pepper Dressing
・Canape and Bruschetta Pintxos
Hot Dishes ・Deep-fried Tofu with Mushroom Sauce
・Stir-fried Root Vegetables with Sweet Vinegar
・Sambal Fatty Pork and Chinese Water Spinach Stir-fry
・Various Kinds of Mushrooms and Roasted Chicken with Arima Japanese Pepper
・Herb-grilled Panko Crusted Chicken Marinated in Salted Koji
・Spicy Roasted Berkshire Spare Rib Pork
・Roasted Chorizo Frank and Andean Potatoes with Whole-grain Mustard
・Gyusuji Nikomi (Beef Tendons Simmered in Soy Sauce) / Motsu Nikomi (Beef Giblets Simmered in Soy Sauce)
・Takomasa's Deep-fried Takoyaki (Octopus Dumplings) or Akashiyaki (dumpling made of an egg-rich batter and octopus) with Asa Seaweed Starchy Sauce
・Deep-fried Tofu and Eisbein (German dish of pickled ham hock)
Rice・Bread・Noodles ・Glutinous Barley Rice
・Vegetable Curry and Rice
・Hashed Beef Stew
・Spicy Curry and Rice
・Danish Bread
・Hard Bread
・Ramen Noodles Corner Today's Soup
Ohters ・Salad Bar ・Dessert and Fruits Bar

★Weekends (Saturdays/Sundays/Japanese Holidays) Menu★

Main Dishes ・Beef Steak ・Shabu Shabu with Two Kinds of Soups Beef Chuck Eye Roll, Sangenton Pork ・Sushi
Cold Dishes ・Steamed Chicken Penne Pasta with Ceasar Salad
・Succulent Shrimp and Root Vegetable Salad
・Marinated Pork and Vegetables
・Mini Quiche Lorraine (quiche made with cheese and bacon)
・Beef Shabu Shabu Salad
Hot Dishes ・Roasted Chicken
・Chicken Cutlet
・Veal Piccata
・Beef Stew
・Pork Cutlet
・Roasted Chicken
・Ketchup-based Slow Cooked Chicken
・Cream Stew with Rice
・Mixed Pizza
・Mayonnaise Pizza with Corn and Tuna
・Pizza Margherita
Rice・Bread ・Fried-rice with Chicken
・Doria (Rice Gratin)
・Vegetable Curry
・Hashed Beef and Rice with Tomato
・Danish Bread
・Hard Bread
・Sandwich (Tuna / Egg / Croquette)
Soup ・Minestrone with Fully-ripened Tomatoes
・Pumpkin Potage
・Sweet Potato Potage
・Onion Soup
Others ・Salad Bar ・Dessert and Fruits Bar  
Kid's Menu ・Stewed Hamburger
・Octopus-shaped Sausages
・Deep-fried Shrimp
・Mini Corn Dog
・French Fries
・Deep-fried Smile Potatoes
・Ham Cutlet
・Grilled Vegetables
・Deep-fried Chicken
・Deep-fried Chicken with Bone

drink menu

Soft Drinks
(Included in the all-you-can-eat buffet)
・Ginger Ale
・Melon Soda
・Nacchan Apple Juice
・White Soda
・White Water
・Three Kinds of Drinking Vinegar
・Pineapple & Shekwasa Soda
・Pineapple & Shekwasa Juice
・Orange Juice
・Coca Cola
・Jasmine Tea
・Hot Coffee
・Iced Coffee
・Iced Tea
・Green Tea
All-You-Can-Drink Alcoholic Beverages
(Additional 1,500yen charge)
・Orion Southern Star
・Orion Draft Beer
・Asahi Super Dry Beer
・Freezing Highball
・Three Kinds of Distilled Spirits
・Umeshu (Plum Wine)
・Five Kinds of Awamori
・Pineapple & Shekwasa Sour
・White Sour
・Coca Cola Sour
・Grape Sour
・Glass of Wine (Red/White)
Drink ・Non Alcoholic Beer 550yen
・Non Alcoholic Highball 450yen
・Orion Draft Beer 600yen
・Glass Bottle of Orion 650yen
・Orion Southern Star 400yen
・Asahi Super Dry Beer 600yen
・Freezing Highball 650yen
・Umeshu (Plum Wine) 500yen
・Glass of Awamori 500yen each
・Glass of Distilled Liquor 500yen each
・Glass of Wine (Red/White) 500yen
・Bottle of Wine Bottle 2,500yen
・Pineapple & Shekwasa Sour 450yen
・White Sour 450yen
・Coca Cola Sour 450yen
・Grape Sour 450yen

※Contents may vary depending on availability, etc.


Lunch Buffet
We have a wide range of international menus starting from western cuisines such as pasta and roast beef to Chinese cuisines and also desserts! Bring your family and friends and enjoy the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet to your hearts content!
※We do not accept reservations for lunch buffet. Thank you for your understanding.
Price Adults:1,980yen
Ages 6-11:700yen
Ages 3-5:500yen
※2 and under:Free of charge
Operational Hours 【Weekdays】
・11:15~15:00(Final Admission 14:00)
【Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays】 11:15~15:30(Final Admission 14:30)


★Lunch Buffet★

Cold Dishes ・Okinawan Vinegared Mozuku Seaweed
・Bamboo Shoot and Rapeseed with Seasoned Cod Roe
・Broccoli and Prosciutto Salad with Vegetable Dressing
・Japanese Rice Bowl Loaded with Seafood
・Green Papaya Salad
・Japanese Smelt Escabeche
・Potato Salad
・Fresh Soft Tofu
・Seasonal Salad Bar
・Roast Beef Tataki with Vegetable Sauce
Hot Dishes ・Deep-fried Akashiyaki
・Potato and Macaroni Cream Gratin
・Dress Diner’s Special Deep-fried Chicken Wings
・Today's Pasta 3 Kinds (Long Pasta・Penne Pasta/Tomato・Cream・Oil)
・New GRAND MER Curry
・This Week's Rice Dish (Okinawan Jushi-style Mixed Rice Dish, Japanese Mixed Rice Dish, Pilaf, Fried Rice, Multigrain Rice)
・Deep-fried Tofu and Pig Guts Fried in Miso Sauce
・Roasted Beef Rib and Onions
・Yakisoba with Potato
・Today's Chinese Dish 2 Kinds (Fried, Steamed, Deep-fried, Topped with Thick Starchy Sauce)
・Chinese Rice Porridge (12 kinds of toppings)
・German Potato (Pan-fried potato with onion and bacon)
・Focaccia Pizza
・Today's Potage Soup
・Today's Deep-fried Dish 2 Kinds
・Okinawa Soba
Desserts ・Strawberry Short Cake
・Coffee Jelly
・Zenzai (Chilled Red Bean Soup with White Mochi)
・Kuzu Mochi (Arrowroot Cake)
・Acerola Jelly
・Homemade Japanese Pudding
・Annin Dofu (Almond Jelly)
・Today's Fruits
Drinks Various Kinds of Soft Drinks    

※Contents may vary depending on availability, etc.



Enjoy a relaxing time after indulging yourself with Japan's authentic and renown local delicacies to your hearts content!

Operation Hours 15:00~17:30



Main Dish ・Sirloin Steak and Steamed Vegetables with Wafu Sauce    
Appetizers/Deep-fried Dish ・Edamame (Soybeans in the Pod)
・French Fries
・Assorted Steamed Vegetables
・Deep-fried White Fish with Onion Rings
・Fried Chicken with French Fries
・Asian-style Spring Rolls
Main Dish ・Today's Wafu Pasta
・Today's Pasta 2 Kinds
・Vegetable Curry Rice
・Focaccia Pizza
・Oven-Cooked Pork Spare Ribs
・Pork Innards and Okinawan Tofu Simmered in Miso Sauce
・Sara Udon (Nagasaki-style Fried Udon Noodles with Various Toppings)
Salad ・Green Salad
(Dressing: Wafu/Sesame/Thousand Island)
Pizza & Pasta ・Margherita Pizza ・Spaghetti with Meat Sauce  
Rice and Soup/Bread ・Okinawan Asa Seaweed Ochazuke (Rice in Hot Tea)
・Beef Curry with Rice
・3 Kinds of Bread
・Taco Rice
Dessert ・Today's Dessert ・Assorted Fruits  
Soft Drink ・Coca Cola
・Melon Soda
・Jasmine Tea
・Orange Juice
・Pineapple & Shekwasa Juice
・Hibiscus Tea
・Ginger Ale
・Pineapple & Shekwasa Soda
Hot Drink ・Blend Coffee ・Café Au Lait ・Tea
Cold Drink ・Iced Coffee ・Iced Tea ・Iced Café Au Lait
Beer ・Orion Draft Beer
・Asahi Super Dry (small bottle)
・Non-alcoholic Beer ・Orion Beer (small bottle)
Wine ・Red Wine (glass) ・White Wine (glass)  
Others ・Umeshu (Plum Wine) ・Kariyushi Awamori 20 degrees  

※Contents may vary depending on availability, etc.


While gazing the sunrise over the east coast, enjoy our exquisite breakfast with freshly prepared omlettes, baked breads, Okinawan cuisines, and so much more!
Price Adult:1,980yen⇒Advance Tickets Adult:1,500yen(Must be purchased at least one day in advance)
Ages 6-11:700yen
Ages 3-5:500yen
2 and under:Free of Charge
Operation Hours 6:00-10:30 (Last Admission 10:00)



Okinawan Cuisines ・Vinegared mozuku seaweed
・Jyu-shee (Okinawan-style seasoned rice)
・Topping -Red pickled ginger-
・Tofu champuru (Okinawan-style stir-fried tofu and vegetables)
・Japanese omelet with thick starchy Asa seaweed sauce
・Topping -Koregusu (Okinawan awamori chili sauce)-
・Fu champuru (Okinawan-style stir-fried dry gluten and vegetables)
・Okinawa Soba
・Topping -Egg-
Japanese Cuisines ・Grilled mackerel
・Grilled flounder fish Kyoto-style
・Kinpira-gobo (sauteed burdock root)
・Seasoned laver
・Shirasu (dried young sardines)
・Miso soup
・Green onion
・Nametake (enokidake mushroom)
・Umeboshi (Japanese salt plums)
・Grilled salmon
・Niku-jaga (simmered meat and potato)
・Chikuzen-ni (braised chicken and vegetable)
・Freshly made Tofu
・Natto (Japanese fermented soybeans)
・Wakame seaweed
・Shibazuke pickles (Pickles with red perilla leaves)
・Grilled basa (pangasius bocourti)
・Hijiki (Simmered Hijiki seaweed)
・Japanese curry
・White rice
・Multigrain rice
・Wheat gluten
・Pickled radish
・Shiso-konbu(perilla kelp)
Western Cuisines ・Boiled egg
・Grilled sausage
・Today's soup
・Scrambled eggs
・German potato (panfried popato with onion and bacon)
・Tomato sauce
・Grilled bacon
・Vegetable gratin
・Peperoncino with spinach and mushroom
Chinese Cuisines ・Mabo tofu (spicy Sichuan dish of tofu and minced meat)
・Chinese rice porridge
・Spicy goya (bitter melon)
・Fried onions
・Chili oil
・Grated ginger
・Sichuan pickles (Chinese pickled vegetables)
・Usuage (deep-fried tofu)
・Spicy miso
・Salted leaf mustard
・Pickled soft bamboo shoots
Salad Corner ・Mixed salad
・Seaweed salad
・Sweet corn
・Red onion
・French dressing
・Homemade caesar salad dressing
・Mizuna (potherb mustard)
・Daikon (Japanese white radish)
・Sliced lotus root
・Bell pepper
・Thousand island dressing
・Homemade grain mustard dressing
・Watermelon radish
・Mixed bean
・Japanese-style vegetable dressing
・Homemade carrot dressing
Cereal Corner ・Plain cereal
・Granola cereal
・Mango sauce
・Brown rice cereal
・Chocolate cereal
・Strawberry sauce
Bread Corner ・Croissant
・Strawberry jam
・Banana & Brown sugar
・Tankan orange & Chia seeds
・Pain aux Raisins (raisin brioche)
・Blue berry jam
・Goya (bitter melon) & Pineapple
・Strawberry sauce
・Plain bread
・Dragon fruit & Shekwasa (citrus depressa)
・Tomato & Honey
・Mango sauce
Fruit Corner ・Pineapple
・Melon ・Orange
Dessert Corner ・Okinawan style zenzai (sweet redbean soup)
・Fruit sponge cake
・Chocolate brownies
・Brown sugar cake
・Cheese cake
・Warabi-mochi (bracken-starch dumplings)
・Strawberry cake

※Contents may vary depending on availability, etc.

Restaurant Information

Inquiries & Reservations +81-98-931-1585
Place Okinawa Grand Mer Resort
Operational Hours 【Breakfast】6:00~10:30(Final Admission 10:00)
【Lunch】Weekdays/11:15~15:00(Final Admission 14:00)
Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays/11:15~15:30(Final Admission 14:30)
【Dinner】18:00~22:00(Final Admission 21:00)
Closed On Open Throughout the Year
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