Sheesah Lounge

Sheesah Lounge

The night view of Okinawa's east coast and our American-style interior adds the spice
while you enjoy plenty of our American dishes such as steaks, pizzas, hamburgers and beers and cocktail drinks from around the world.

Dinner Dinner Information

Introducing Grand Mer Resort's Sheesah Lounge. Please enjoy our food and beverages along with our American-style interior and night view.
Average Budget 3,000yen~3,999yen(Regular Average)
Operation Hours 17:00~24:30(Last Order 23:30)


    Food Menu

    Meat ・Buffalo Chicken Wings from Hell
    ・Herb-grilled Lamb Loin
    ・Mega Steak
    ・Sirloin Steak
    ・T Bone Steak
    ・Motobu Beef Steak
    Fish ・Fish and Chips
    ・Blue Mussel Simmered with Herbs and Wine, Pirate-style
    ・Soft-Shelled Shrimps and Crabs ・Spicy Lobster Roast
    Hamburger ・Triple-layered Mega Hamburger ・2 Agu Pork Hotdogs
    Pizza & Pasta ・Margherita
    ・Penne All'Arrabbiata
    ・Cod Roe and Potato Pizza
    ・Penne with Eggplant and Meat Sauce
    ・Pizza Combo
    ・Macaroni and Cheddar Cheese
    Appetizers ・Assorted Sausages
    ・Popcorn Shrimp
    ・Hershey's Kisses Chocolate
    ・Charcuterie with Olive & Pickles
    ・Deep-fried Camembert Cheese
    ・French Fries with Chili Sauce
    ・Mixed Nuts
    Salads ・American Broccoli Salad
    ・Green Salad
    ・Caesar Salad with Garlic Chips ・Little Devil Lobster Salad

    Drink Menu

    Cocktails ・Gin and Tonic
    ・Gin and Lime
    ・Moscow Mule
    ・Vodka Tonic
    ・Rum Tonic
    ・Shandy Gaff
    ・Kir Royal
    ・Cassis and Orange
    ・Amaretto Tonic
    ・Campari and Soda
    ・Gin Rickey
    ・Dog's Nose
    ・Bloody Mary
    ・Tequila Sunrise
    ・Red Eye
    ・Wine Cooler
    ・Cassis and Grapefruit
    ・Reggae Punch
    ・Campari and Orange
    ・China Blue
    ・Gin Buck
    ・Salty Dog
    ・Cuba Libre
    ・Tequila Tonic
    ・Fuzzy Navel
    ・Cassis and Soda
    ・Amaretto Soda
    ・Campari and Grapefruit
    Cocktail & Wine ・Cacao and Milk
    ・Kahlua Milk
    ・Tassée Maison Chardonnay (White Wine)
    ・Malibu Beach
    ・Passion Fruit and Ginger Ale
    ・Sparkling Wine
    ・Kahlua Cranberry
    ・Tassée Maison Rouge (Red Wine)
    Whiskey ・Bowmore 12 years
    ・The Glenlivet
    ・Highland Park 12 years
    ・Jack Daniel's
    ・The Macallan 12 years
    ・Chivas Regal 12 years
    ・Jameson 12 years
    ・Old Grand Dad
    ・Laphroaig 10 years
    ・Chivas Regal 18 years
    ・Jim Beam
    ・Maker's Mark
    Beer & Shots ・Orion Draft Beer
    ・Soco(Southern Comfort) Lime
    ・Sauza Tequila
    ・Mega Mug Orion Draft Beer
    ・Habu Liquor Shot
    ・Jose Cuervo Tequila
    ・Suntory ALL FREE (alcohol-free beer-flavored beverage)
    Awamori ・Kiku no Tsuyu Brown
    ・Kumesen Black
    ・Zanpa Black
    ・Kiku no Tsuyu VIP
    ・Ryu Gold
    ・Tanamasa (aged awamori)
    ・Kumesen Brow
    ・Zanpa White
    Soft Drinks ・Mango Juice
    ・Grape Fruit Juice
    ・Ginger Ale
    ・Pineapple Juice
    ・Shekwasa Juice
    ・Oolong Tea
    ・Orange Juice
    ・Cranberry Juice
    ・Coca-Cola Zero

Restaurant Information

Inquiries & Reservations +81-98-931-1585
Place Okinawa Grand Mer Resort 10F
Operational Hours 17:00~24:30(Last Order 23:30)
Closed On Open Throughout the Year

Experience a simulated view of inside the restaurant

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