Starting with authentic Japanese cuisines such as sushi and tempura,
Ryukyu cuisines from Okinawa's bountiful ocean and blessings from the mountains,
and sushi rolls that are now on trend in America, you can fully savor our creative dishes.

Dinner Dinner Information

Enjoy Shuna's proudest authentic Washoku (Japanese Cuisines) including handmade sushi and tempura dishes, or Okinawan Cuisines made by carefully selected local ingredients to your heart's content!
Average Budget 3,000yen(regular average)
3,500yen(banquet average)
Operation Hours 17:30~22:00(Last Order 21:00)


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Recommended item menu

・New - Okinawa Dishes ・Broiled Agu Pork Ribs ・Lavish Seafood Bowl ・Agu Pork Shabu-Shabu

Grand Menu

Okinawa ・New - Okinawa Dishes
・Broiled Agu Pork Ribs
・Okinawan Black Wagyu Beef Steak
・"Goya" Bitter Melon Stir Fry
・Grilled Agu Pork
・"Somen" Thin Noodle Stir Fry
・Rafute (Okinawan style stewed pork cubes)
・Okinawa Oden Assorted Platter
・Grilled Chicken in Salted Soy Sauce
Appetizers ・Okinawan Shallot Tempura
・Okinawan Shallot Tempura Seasoned in Salt
・Homemade Mozuku Seaweed in Vinegar
・Deep-fried Peanut Tofu with Soup Broth
・Sea Grapes with Tosa Vinegar
・Mimiga (Okinawa pig ears)
Salad ・Sea Grapes in Green Salad ・Japanese Vegetables Ceasar Salad ・Uminchu Salad
Sea Food ・7 kinds of Sashimi Assorted
・Mozuku Seaweed Tempura
・5 kinds of Sashimi Assorted
・Boiled Okinawan Tuna Collar Nimono (simmered dish)
・Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura Assorted
・Okinawan White Fish Sauteed in Butter
Sushi ・10 Specially Selected Nigiri Sushi Assorted
・5 kinds of Nigiri Sushi
・5 kinds of Vegetable Sushi ・5 kinds of Broiled Sushi
Hot Pot Dishes ・Shuna Irodorinabe (mixed ingredients hot pot)
・Okinawan Black Wagyu Beef Shabu-Shabu
・Kimchi Flavored Okinawan Agu Pork Pot Dish
・Okinawa Soba Set Meal
・Wagyu Beef Pot Dish with Sea Urchin
・Additional Assorted Seafood
・Additional Assorted Meat
・Hodgepodge Set (rice in soup)
・Additional Agu Pork Loin
・Additional Agu Bacon
・Additional Okinawan Black Wagyu Beef
Rice and Soup ・Lavish Seafood Bowl
・Lavish Wagyu Beef Shabu-Shabu Bowl
・Lavish Agu Pork Sukiyaki Bowl
・Ryukyu Lavish Set Menu
・Okinawa Soba with Agu pork ribs
・Bonito Okinawa Soba
・Kid’s Meal
・Kid's Sushi Set Meal
Desserts ・Beni-Imo (Purple Yam) Ice Cream
・Okinawan Zenzai(Sweet Red Bean Soup with Pieces of Rice Cake)
・Mango Ice Cream ・Shikwasa Sherbet

LUNCH Lunch Information

All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Lunch "Zeitaku Sushi Zanmai" & "Order Style Buffet"
《Zeitaku Sushi Zanmai》

We offer "Omakase Sushi" after serving our appetizer and Japanese steamed egg custard. One by one, our sushi chef will make you the perfect sushi using carefully selected and the best local ingredients. You can order as many sushi as you'd like after finishing "Omakase Sushi." It's the perfect place to enjoy a refined, mature atmosphere with your loved ones.

《Order Style Buffet》

A family-friendly, order-style buffet! Order as many sushi as you'd like at your table and enjoy your meal with your friends and family. We won't keep you hungry while you wait for your orders! We offer a self-service corner lined with Okinawan hot udon noodle dishes, salads and drinks for you to enjoy every minute of your time at our restaurant.
Price 《Zeitaku Sushi Zanmai》
※Limited to jr. high-school children and above.Counter seats only.

《Order Style Buffet》>
Adult:Weekdays:1,980yen Weekends and Holidays:2,480yen
Elementary School Children:980yen
Preschool Children:Free of Charge
Operation Hours 11:30-15:00 (Last Admission 13:30)


Enjoy our Sushi Zanmai at the counter seats

Zeitaku Sushi Zanmai Menu ・Appetizer
・Additionally Ordered Sushi
・Japanese Egg Custard Pudding
・Red Miso Soup
・Shuna Omakase Sushi 12 Pieces

Stay seated and enjoy the meal! The staff will bring your orders for you, Order Style Buffet!

《Order Style Buffet》 Adult:Weekdays:1,980yen
Weekends and Holidays:2,480yen
Elementary School Children:980yen Preschool Children:Free of Charge

Restaurant Information

Inquiries & Reservations +81-98-931-1585
Place Okinawa Grand Mer Resort 2F
Operational Hours 【Lunch】11:30~15:00(Final Admission 13:30)
【Dinner】17:30~22:00(Last Order 21:00)
Closed On Open Throughout the Year

With family or friends, gathering with colleagues, or for a memorable celebration, we will arrange the meals to your requests. Please feel free to ask us anytime.

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