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Waryu SUSHI SHUNA - Shop introduction
Store photo ● Operational Hours : Lunch 11:30-14:00  Last Order 13:30 Dinner 17:30-23:00 Last Order 22:30 ※Course Last Order 21:30 ● Seating:94 Seats
Reservations & Inquiries Tel:81(0)98-931-1500 Operation Hours: 9:00-19:30
Lunch Menu

・Reservations are prioritized
・Only Adults (Junior High schoolers and above) may sit at the counter
・For customers who wish to order the banquet dishes, must make reservations 3 days in advance.

Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu

Recommended Ála Carte Menu

  • New - Okinawa Dishes

    New - Okinawa Dishes¥3,900

  • Sea Grapes in Green Salad

    Sea Grapes in Green Salad¥780

  • Broiled Agu Pork Ribs

    Broiled Agu Pork Ribs ¥1,280

  • Okinawan Shallot Tempura

    Okinawan Shallot Tempura¥680

  • Shuna Irodorinabe (mixed ingredients hot pot)

    Shuna Irodorinabe (mixed ingredients hot pot)¥6,800

  • Lavish Seafood Bowl

    Lavish Seafood Bowl¥2,280

The Grand Menu is Here

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