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The OKINAWA GRAND MER RESORT not only prepared items
to make your stay extra pleasant and many times more enjoyable.
We hope to make your hotel stay an unforgettable memory and would like to support you every way.
【Hours of Operation】15:00~22:00
  • 01


    Not only does it protect your throat and skin from dryness, it is quiet and does not disturb you during your sleep.
  • 02


    Cleans your room with plasma ion and the sterile filtration setting.
  • 03


    Strong steam functioned iron for your perfectwrinkle free shirt.
  • 04

    Pants Presser

    For that crisp wrinkle free look.
  • 05


    Basic functions are fully equipped. Recommended for people who do not like AC.
  • 06

    Ceramic Fan Heater

    Warm up the room instantly with this Ceramic Fan Heater.
  • 07


    Standard thermometer with a high accuracy.
  • 08

    Cell Phone Charger

    Available for any Japanese cell phone types to recharge your battery to support a worry free vacation.
  • 09


    To those who want to used electronic devices anywhere you go. Convert a variety of levels of electricity to the level you need.
  • 10

    All Redion DVD Player

    Play any DVD from around the world the for a relaxing movie time. Easy to use.
  • 11

    Extension Code

    Extend the outlet to a more convenient area for your laptop, adapter,etc...
  • 12

    Nail Clippers

    It’s time to cut away your nails. Equipped with a clipping catcher for NO MESS nail grooming.
  • 13

    Shower Bench

    A snug fitting seat, useable in the bath as well.
  • 14

    Cooling Pack

    For fever, headache, icing at sports or hot days it could be used depending on the purpose.
  • 15


    For next day clean clothes!
  • 16

    Washing Net

    A must have item when washing your clothes with special care. Can be simply put in the dryer as it is.
  • 17

    Hanger with Clothespins

    Dry towels, underclothes or other wet items.
  • 18

    Knife and Cooking Board for Fruit

    Enjoy the tropical fruits anytime you want or even for little cooking.
    *Do not cut sugar cane.
  • 19


    Remove a blocki from tower and balance it up on top. Simple game enjoyed by children through elders.
  • 20

    Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu

    Thrilling game inserting the plastic swords into slots on the side of the barrel. Game ends after the pirate ejects!
  • 21

    Floor Lamp

    Simply designed subdued light mood lamp. It can also be used as reading light.
  • 22

    Shoe dryer

    The gentle hot air quickly dry your shoes. It even dries the shoe top thoroughly and prevents mold and bad smell.
  • 23

    Technogel Sleeping

    Specail Material “Technogel”. You can feel the difference the moment you lay your head down.
  • 24

    foam Sponge Pillow

    Breathable and releases the heat inside the pillow for your comfortable sleep.
  • 25

    Waist Pillow

    The unique feel of Powder Beads. Great for Relaxing & babys sitting practice.
  • 26

    Foot Pillow

    Height adjustable for your comfort. Helps rest your tired feet during vacation.
  • 27

    Hinoki Pillow

    The scent of the japanese cypress works as a disinfectant and has a deodorant effect.This scent is sure to put you in an ideal sleep.
  • 28

    Body Pillow

    Adequate volume and perfect sponge that fits your body line. Have a nice dream with it.
  • 29

    Hexagonal Brain Pillow

    Developed by Neurologists to maintain optimum head height & body temperature.
  • 30


    A great item for various uses.
  • 31

    Swim Suit

    If you would like to enjoy the pool fully, you must have a swimsuit. We have various sizes and designs for men, women and kids.
    ※Rentals are only available at the indoor pool.
  • 32

    Water Flotation Tube

    Super popular at a pool or the ocean.Large, medium and small sizes are available for all. For use from children to adults.
    ※Rentals are only available at the indoor pool.
  • 33


    A popular item at a pool or at the beach.
    ※Rentals are only available at the indoor pool.
  • 34

    Ion Dryer

    Minus lon warms and dries the hair protecting the cuticles.
  • 35

    Hair Straighter

    15 levels of heat adjiustment function to quicky create your hair style just as you want.
  • 36

    Baby's table walker

    Peace of mind when you have to take your eyes off baby.
  • 37

    Milk Sterilizer Box

    Stenrilizes milk bottles easil in the microwave with noworries of insanitation.
    *Microwave is equipped on every questroom floor.
  • 38

    Baby Milk warmer

    Automatically bringsboiling water down to the accurate temperature for formula milk.
    *Microwave is equipped on every questroom floor.
  • 39

    Here & There Walker

    Full of gimicks & Sounds.Treat your baby to some fun!
  • 40

    Diaper Pail

    Locks in odors and easy to use even while holding a baby.
  • 41

    Bed Guard

    Let your sleeping baby roll all around with this bed guard.
  • 42

    Shape & Number Sorter

    Portable game wherever and anywhere. Also plays videos,music pictures,etc...
  • 43

    Baby Nail clippers

    For those with small sensitve nails.
  • 44

    Potty Trainer

    Supports the little one’s posture with the handgrip. Keep potty training in your routine while on vacation.
  • 45

    Step Stool

    Gotta-have tool for kids to reach the sink or to use the bathroorn Lightweight and stable.
  • 46

    Baby Body Soap

    Have peace of mind using this full body soap for delicate baby skin.
  • 47

    Fun Coloring Sheets

    Scribble sheets that you can draw with water. Draw a big picture freely!
  • 48

    Nonslip Mat

    For the bathtub or the floor in your room. Sticks well and easy to remove.
  • 49

    Mini Bead Rollercoaster

    The colorful design attracts children’s attention! Helps learn little hand movements and finger movements.
  • 50

    Colorful Character Building Blocks

    A 50-piece-set of colorful and wooden building blocks. It helps develop imagination.
  • 51

    Play Mat

    Fluffy and comfortable! A baby friendly soft mat that absorbs shock. It’s very light and also easy to carry around.
  • 52

    Baby bath

    Simple and easy! Also comes with head support! It doesn’t take up much space. For new born babies under 3 months old.
  • 53

    Kids’ Chair

    Comes with a table that can be useful during meals. For children from 6 months old to 36 months old.
  • 54

    Baby chair

    Soft and comfortable. Dismountable table makes cleaning much easier! For children from 4 months old to 14 months old.
  • 55

    Baby Pillow

    The center part is hollow which helps support the baby’s head.
  • 56

    Baby Placemat

    No more worries about spilling! An easy-to-clean placemat with pockets. Meets the safety standard and is also made of silicon material.
  • 57

    Baby carrier

    Useful in 5 ways. For children from 0 months old to 36 months old (less than 15 kg) . It can be compactly collapsed and does not take up much space.
  • 58

    Children’s Tableware Set

    A set of 5 items: rice bowl, small plate, spoon, fork, cup
  • 59

    House of 100 stories (Japanese)

    Letter from someone living at the top of a 100-storey house. While walking up the stairs, Tochi
  • 60

    An underground house of 100 stories (Japanese)

    A mysterious home,stretching deep under the ground. Who on earth could be living there?
  • 61

    The Giantic Turnip (Japanese)

    The Russian fairytale about everyone helping Grandpa to pullout a giant turnip.
  • 62

    Swimmy (Japanese)

    The timid odd one out little black fish Swimmy. Watch him overcome adversity.
  • 63

    KOBITO Picture Book (Japanese)

    A guidebook to the fantasy KOBITO creatures who hide in our world.
  • 64

    Life Picture Book (Japanese)

    The "know how" life book with illustrations & pictures & practical examples.
  • 65

    YORUKUMA (Japanese)

    An adventure story about a little bear that paid me a visit last night.
  • 66


    A little girls gets sad knowing that she is growing up & the deep love that her mother has for her.
  • 67


    The joy happiness, uncertainty, pain & all emotions a mother has for her child is beautifully told.
  • 68

    NENAIKODAREDA (Japanese)

    The clocks trikes 9 but who is Stillawake? The monsters will come out so hurry up & sleep...
  • 69

    DARUMASANGA (Japanese)

    The 1st in the DARUMA Series.
  • 70


    Teaching infants about rhythm by reading this playful learning book.
  • 71


    The most popular in the Polar bear series. Momma makes hot cakes.
  • 72

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Japanese)

    A hungry caterpillar eats his way to become a beautiful butterfly.
  • 73

    Where's the fish? (Japanese)

    A goldfish escapes the fish bowl & hides in the curtains & flowers.
  • 74

    Compared Picture Book (Japanese)

    Learn by comparing different things in the universe.
  • 75

    Children Picture Book (Japanese)

    A lovely picture book about animals, the body, insects & objects.
  • 76

    DOUZONOISU (Japanese)

    Teach kindness with this story about a rabbit who makes a "Please"chair.
  • 77

    Thomas Picture Book (Japanese)

    All there is to know about Thomas the Tank engine.
  • 78

    Groompa's Kinder Garden (Japanese)

    Groonpa the elephant makes a kindergarten & the kids love it !
  • 79

    HA WO MIGAKOU (Japanese)

    A characterized story about bacteria & the importance of brushing teeth.
  • 80

    Guri and Gura (Japanese)

    Guri & Gura find a giant egg & decide to make a giant cake for the other forest animals.
  • 81

    Kaiketsu ZORORI (Japanese)

    Momma dinosaur's precious eggis in danger. Can Zorori & friends keep it safe?
  • 82

    Finding ANPANMAN (Japanese)

    A "find it" book about Anpanman & his friends.
  • 83


    The Japanese game "SHIRITORI" in a picture book.
  • 84

    Good Evening Dear Moon (Japanese)

    A baby gazes at the moon like a strange creature & talks to the cloud passing by.
  • 85


    Nontan learns how to brush her teeth.
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